Gaurav Pandey

Tech enthusiast, loves envisioning and building tech products.

Works as Software Engineer, Based in Mumbai, India ,
🛫 Love to Travel, explore and discover!

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Key Traits

  • Building products that works really well.
  • Fast, Reliable, and Efficient Team player.
  • Focus on speed, scalability, and security with automation in mind.
  • Deep design (UI/UX) understanding.


Entrepreneurial mindset, explorer, and driven by solving real-world problems. I carry a sense of engineering products around the necessity. With my design wit, I love building products around human experiences. A self-taught programmer. Worked with some of the very ambitious startups and small/mid-sized businesses around the world. I love to build effective engineering processes with a strong belief in collaborative work.In my spare time, I'm interested in learning about business, binge-watch Netflix, and planning for my next hiking trip.

Front-end Development Advanced HTML/CSS/JS. React.js and Next.js are key skills. Exposure to various Frontend - JS and CSS Frameworks and Templating systems. Experience with SCSS/SASS and Tailwind. Focus on scalable, maintaianble and quality code.

Back-end Development Intermediate Expertise in Node.js. Advanced Wordpress Development with customization. Worked with RESTful APIs, GraphQL. Familiar with Microservices, Monolithic and modular architecture.

Product Design, UI/UX Started out my career in UI and UX. Still carrying a strong design sense that revolves around creating the best application experiences for end users.

Other Stuff... As a part of cross-functional teams, I have contributed to brainstorming, building lean processes, user research, Competitive Landscape, Roadmap, Marketing, GTM Strategy, and Hiring.

Tech Stacks, Tools & Libraries

Front-end Stacks (Major Expertise)

  • React.js and Next.js
  • Other JS libraries/frameworks
  • TypeScript
  • HTML/CSS (HTML templating and CSS Preprocessors)
  • Mobile App - React Native, Ionic (using React)

Back-end Stacks Worked with

  • Node.js
  • Php (Core)
  • Databases - MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
  • In-Memory DB - Redis

Cloud & DevOps

  • AWS - EC2, EBS, S3 Storage, Cloudfront, Route53, ACM, Amplify, AWS backup, RDS. Automation using Hashicorp Terraform and Packer.
  • Docker, Kubernetes (basic), Gitops/Devops (ArgoCD), Jenkins, Github Actions
  • GCP and its js libraries for Maps and YouTube, G-Suite APIs
  • Server Monitoring - Grafana, Logging - LogRocket, Sentry, New Relic, PaperTrail,
  • Vercel, Netlify, DigitalOcean, Heroku

Management/Collab Tools Familiarity

  • Docs - Markdown/MDX, Storybook & JSDocs. Swagger Docs (Open API)
  • Wikis/KB - GitHub Wikis, Atlassian Confluence. Issues - Zira. Communication - Slack, Trello, Asana
  • Analytics & BI Tool - UXCam, MetaBase, Google Analytics
  • NoCode Tools/CMS - Directus, Appsmith, Airtable, Webflow, Strapi, Notion

Major Work & Experiences


Working for a SaaS startup - Thera (YC S22), Developing the front-end of Thera Web Platform . My role involves architecting the front-end, and building team and processes.


Worked for a healthcare startup - Medblocks, helped in integrations of Govt of India driven health unification program - ABDM with their tech stack. Contributed to GitOps and DevOps.

Tried building a healthcare product - Oculiv, aimed at enabling seamless and real-time collaborations for healthcare professionals. Struggled with data interoperability and market adoption.


Senior Software Engineer @ Clipboard Health, California, USA (Remote Work)Healthcare staffing solutions.

Full-stack development, improving product, feature enhancement, bug fixing, reporting, linting, testing implementation.

Contributed to multiple apps in a microservices arch built using React.js, Next.js, Ionic, Node.js, and MongoDB. DevOps - Heroku, GitHub, Jenkins. Reporting and Monitoring with Grafana, Papertrail, New Relic. No-Code tools. Implementation of Stripe Payment Gateway.

Developed internal communication and monitoring tools for the company owners using G-Suite and Slack APIs to monitor teams across product and engineering.

2015 - Present

Freelanced remotely as a software developer and consultant for multiple businesses. List of Freelance Projects -
Portfolio - Projects
Explore the "Projects" view on Airtable.
In 2022, Built 2 Mobile apps using React Native while freelancing. The first one was an MVP for a Personal Finance Management app using RBI’s Account Aggregator APIs (Similar to Open Banking APIs). Later on, built a Healthcare Communication App for Doctors & Hospitals.


Front-end Architect @ AccessGate Labs, Mumbai, IndiaSolutions for enterprises.

Providing technical consultancy to enterprises for app development and business process automation.

CrossTower - Developed web-based internal dashboards for CrossTower (Crypto Exchange based out of New York) so that the CrossTower team could see and visualize trade reports and snapshots, users’ trade history, and trade symbols prices.

Aavejak - Single-handedly built the entire front-ends for the Aavejak platform - an RBF platform based out of Mumbai, India. The project covered a website and 3 dashboards - one for each Admin, Investor, and Startups. The entire Platform was built on the Next.js Framework of React and written in typescript. Implemented Redux, component sharing, Headless CMS, RESTful APIs consumption, PWA, CI/CD with GitHub Actions and deployed as serverless applications.


Frontend & Product @ The Confront, New Delhi, IndiaNew and Media Platform.

Envisioned the future of news as an independent news platform with the best of modern technologies.

Prototyped the concept. Click here to see the prototype.

Investigative and unbiased storytelling platform with news timeline. Developed website, and initiated crowd-funding.


Full-stack Developer (Front-end heavy) @ Yellow Slice, Mumbai, India

Developing front-end & websites for yellowslice clientele. Guided the junior developers and interns on the basics of the web. Tech stacks - Php, HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery, MySQL. Implemented heavy animations using Three.js, GSAP, ScrollMagic


UI/UX Research & Epilen Talent @ Epilen HealthCare, New Delhi, India

Website Development. Brand Visualization that cares for human. Designing screens for Patient & Doctor Android application. Screening & hiring talents for the company.


Building Larnic @ Larnic, New Delhi, IndiaEd-Tech Platform.

Larnic was an online platform envisioned to connect students and experts together and nurture students’ interest and passion to learn by providing personalized resources.

Qualified screening for Nasscom 10,000 startups.



Gaurav Pandey - edX - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | LinkedIn
Explorer. Entrepreneur. Pragmatic. Curious. Self-taught Programmer. While there are many problems and many a people talk about them, I love to discuss solutions. Influenced by the idea of Less is More and "Why" is the core, I approach solutions with minimalism and "why" is at heart of everything that I do.
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gauravkrp - Overview
Entrepreneur, Explorer, Self-taught programmer. I am so fond of travelling and love to solve real world problems and to craft products around necessity. I use my design wit to improve human experiences in the product.

I’m available to work/collaborate on interesting projects! Let's discuss.

Languages I Know - English, Hindi, French (basic)

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